UmbilaPly™ Cryo

  • Amniotic-derived tissues may be applied as a soft tissue barrier or wound covering to help provide protection to the damaged tissue
  • 800-1000 μm (1mm), thickest amniotic membrane allograft
  • 2X thicker than amnion/chorion amniotic allografts
Size SKU
2 x 4 cm HB-UC-08
3 x 6 cm HB-UC-18
3 x 8 cm HB-UC-24

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  • Robust enough to be sutured in place
  • Supports Healing – Provides mechanical protection with endogenous growth factors
  • Maintain inherent levels of key extracellular matrix molecules.
  • Retains up to 600+ signaling proteins, including growth factors and cytokines
  • Room-temperature storage
  • Available in a variety of sizes