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At Halo Biologics we strive to supply our providers and their patients with the highest quality HCTP’s and medical device products on the market. We have teamed up with industry partners in product manufacturing to develop a comprehensive portfolio which is tailored for advanced wound care and orthopedic applications.

All products are manufactured under strict compliance with all state and federal regulations and in accordance with AATB standards. All devices are FDA registered and cleared under the 510K process.
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Product Overview


The UltraMIST® System is an easy-to-use, portable, painless, noncontact, noninvasive, advanced wound care technology that delivers low-frequency ultrasound to the wound. A fluid/saline mist conducts the ultrasound, so there is no direct contact to the tissue. 

UltraMIST® therapy is clinically proven to jump-start the cellular healing process, eliminating barriers to healing by decreasing inflammation, bacteria, and biofilms, while increasing perfusion and vasodilation. This treatment results in a significantly shorter time to wound closure, prevention of reoccurrence, and a substantial reduction in pain.

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We review our products and only supply the best quality to ensure a consistently safe and premium products makes its way to you.

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We take pride in our customer service and treat our clients like partners. We make things easy for you and save you time, leaving you free to focus on what matters.

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We are experienced in regenerative medicine and we know our products extensively.

     All devices are FDA registered and cleared under the 510K process.