UmbilaPly™ Lyo

With the convenience of room temperature storage, UmbilaPly™ Lyo ensures a swift integration into surgical procedures by only requiring a few minutes to fully reconstitute.

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UmbilaPly™ Lyo is minimally processed to retain the therapeutic properties of the umbilical amnion in its natural state. This thick graft enables the use of sutures to secure the graft in place, ensuring its stability and maintaining a protective environment.


  • Aseptically processed in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 1271
  • Simple storage and preparation
  • Immune-privileged in nature
  • Easy to apply, maneuver and suture.
  • Up to 4x thicker than single-layer amnion


For homologous use as a wrap, barrier or covering in the repair, reconstruction, replacement, or supplementation of damaged soft tissues.


UmbilaPly™ Lyo is preserved using a proprietary freeze-drying process intended to maintain the structural integrity of the native tissue. Each graft is double-pouched and terminally sterilized with a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6.


UmbilaPly™ is shipped at ambient temperature and should be stored between 1˚C and 25˚C (33.8˚F and 77˚F).

Size SKU
2 x 4 cm HB-UL-08
3 x 6 cm HB-UL-18
3 x 8 cm HB-UL-24