The UltraMIST® System is an easy-to-use, portable, painless, noncontact, noninvasive, advanced wound care technology that delivers low-frequency ultrasound to the wound. A fluid/saline mist conducts the ultrasound, so there is no direct contact to the tissue. UltraMIST® therapy is clinically proven to jump-start the cellular healing process, eliminating barriers to healing by decreasing inflammation, bacteria, and biofilms, while increasing perfusion and vasodilation. This treatment results in a significantly shorter time to wound closure, prevention of reoccurrence, and a substantial reduction in pain.

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What is UltraMIST® Therapy?

Advanced Wound Healing Technology

  • Painless, Low-Frequency (40 kHz), Non-thermal, Non-contact Ultrasound
  • Delivered through saline/fluid medium
  • Technology used for advanced wound care to promote healing
  • Adjunctive treatment for acute and chronic wounds