Axolotl Biologix Dual Layer Grafts are resorbable, chorion free human amnion allografts derived from donated human birth tissue. Axolotl Biologix Dual Layer Graft is supplied dry. These allografts are intended for homologous use as a wound covering.

Size Part Number
2 x 4 ADG24
4 x 4 ADG44
4 x 6 ADG46
4 x 8 ADG48

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Products & Benefits

Axolotl DualGraft™ is a bi-layered dehydrated human amnion membrane allograft (dhAM) derived from the amniotic lining of the placenta. Axolotl DualGraft™ is indicated as a barrier and selective membrane but has properties known to advance soft tissue repair and reconstruction. Axolotl DualGraft™ simplifies the application process by positioning the epithelial surfaces facing outwards, eliminating application placement limitations. Axolotl DualGraft™ is marketed under Section 361 of the PHS act and regulated under 21 CFR Part 1271.

The amniotic components used in Axolotl DualGraft™ create a natural 3-D extracellular matrix scaffold for cellular attachment and creates an environment to allow for cell migration. Axolotl Dual Graft™ is processed through minimally manipulated techniques. This type of processing retains the qualities of the native ECM allowing Axolotl DualGraft™ to aid in cellular chemotaxis and ingrowth.

Proteins found in Axolotl DualGraft™ include:
• Collagen I, Ill, IV, V and VII
• Fibronectin
• Laminin

Quality Assurance

The donor tissue is recovered and processed under sterile conditions, in accordance with all FDA guidelines and quality assurance standards in a controlled environment. Axolotl DualGraft™ allograft tissue products are terminally irradiated in the final package. Axolotl DualGraft™ is only intended for use in the domestic United States.

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