Medicare Part B Products

Halo Biologics is proud to present our comprehensive range of products designed to enhance the patient and physician experience. Our tailored solutions for Part B Medicare coverage ensure you receive the quality care you deserve and offer the versatility of a wide range of solutions for both simple and complex cases.

Axolotl Soft Tissue Allograft

Axolotl DualGraft™

Axolotl DualGraft™ is a dehydrated human amnion membrane allograft derived from the amniotic lining of the placenta. Axolotl DualGraft™ is indicated as a wound covering and structural barrier.

PalinGen® Membrane

PalinGen® Membranes are human allografts processed from healthy placental tissue. PalinGen® membrane products provide a wound covering and support for native tissues.


Durable Soft Tissue Covering Celera™ Patch is made up of amnion that has been processed to cleanse and decellularize the tissue while preserving the essential structural proteins and growth factors of the fetal basement membrane.


Helicoll® is a patented reconstituted bioactive collagen sheet, free of immunogenic proteins, lipids, and elastin. The native structure of the collagen is not altered or cross-linked which maintains its high bioactivity.


Biovance® human amniotic membrane allograft serves as a natural scaffold with an intact basement membrane that has been found to support a high level of fibroblast and keratinocyte attachment.

Biovance® 3L

Biovance® 3L membrane’s unique 3-layer construction is designed for improved handling and ease of use when used as a covering, barrier, or wrap to surgical sites.