PureBMC® is the flawless solution to bone marrow cell concentrate. The technology provides a powerful and viable cell concentrate in a bone marrow niche that optimizes the function of platelets, total nucleated cells, mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells. This promotes better cell proliferation, chemotaxis, migration, and expression, leading to a profound improvement in outcomes.

Volume Part Number
30ml HB-700-30
60ml HB-700-60

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PureBMC® is unique in that its composition DOES NOT contain the levels of plasma free hemoglobin typically found in a bone marrow cell concentrate while containing high concentrations of viable platelet growth factors, which is unique to this biologic. The key is advance preparation technology combined with the addition of the ASPIRE™ Bone Marrow Harvesting System, which permits a minimally invasive pure collection of bone marrow aspirate.